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hai hai haaaaaaiiiiiii!
first of all thank you for pressing on my blog, even if it was an accident... i still love you man.
I'm Andrew and I'm seventeen years old, unemployed and wanting to explore the world with me myself and I! :D and maybe Lily if she behaves.... I'm currently studying my A-levels(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and biology) *Neeerd* but who cares i love science...
I also happen to have made the mistake to not take photography apparently :$ i'll let whoever has the time to read this to decide that D: anyway many thanks means a lot also feel free to drop me message or and E-mail at! please message it makes happy to know someone wants to talk to meeee :D


*hachja* by Der Ohlsen on Flickr.

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on a scale of fake pockets to nachos how good is your idea

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*seductively rubs laptop screen to get rid of speck of dirt*

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  • "Why don't any of the main characters in your books have siblings?"
  • John Green: It's just my little way of telling Hank that he doesn't exist in my narrative imagination.

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*Jesus does the cup song at the Last Supper* You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.

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when u use ur boobs to get someone to notice u


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I’m not saying I want to be a dragon.

but if the opportunity came up to have wings and a tail implanted along with the ability to breathe fire, I’d take it.

Would there be a waiting list for this procedure?

The waiting list is made up of all the notes on this post in order so reblog quickly and save your spot in line.

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